Friday, July 10, 2009

Dubrovnyk, Croatia

Today, we anchored in the bay at Dubrovnyk, Croatia. I must admit that this one of the last places I would have guessed as a vacation spot. However, there were about six cruise ships (small and large) here today. And, I understand that this is a big vacation destination for Europeans.

The city population is just around 50,000. And is limited by mountains. So, everything is between the shore and the mountains which isn't a large area. Most of the buildings aren't old since much of the country was bombed and destroyed during war in the 90s. Dubrovnyk has an interesting Old Town - we didn't see much of it except at a distance since it wasn't included in our tour. But, what we could see looked like it would be worth a visit.

Brett and Arielle went kayaking and snorkeling. We haven't seen them - so I'm not sure how that went. But, I'm sure they probably had fun. It was pretty hot - so I'm sure a dip in the water was nice.

Our tour was more of a "riding" tour with a guide giving narrative since that works best for me right now. We saw the area south of the city up to the south tip of Croatia. Very nice views of the shore and bays.

We had a short stop at a grain mill that operates by water power to drive the stone wheels that grind the grain - they were milling corn today. The mill is several hundred years old and is the only remaining one of its kind still operating in Croatia. They served us a snack. Could have tasted several locally made wines. We had fresh baked bread with cheese and proscuitto (sp?) and some rather unique "Croatian" pickles. These were not like any that I have tasted before and they were quite good. Dee and I tried to figure out how to label the pickles but we couldn't. The guide simply said they were Croatian pickles.

A lot of the area is mostly stone. But, there are enough trees to make it quite green. Not a lot of grass, though. Their only industries are tourism and farming. Most of the "farms" are pretty small compared to what you might think of. They mainly seem to grow olives, grapes and other fruits. Didn't see livestock of any kind.

So...I guess I would say that this was a bit of a surprising port for me. Much more interesting than I had expected - but, I didn't have much in the way of expectations.

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