Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day at Sea

Today we are happy to have nothing scheduled. We will spend the day at sea on our way to Croatia.

Jill & I had breakfast at our cabin on the verandah. Dee preferred to go to the lido cafe (somewhat of a buffet).

The seas are incredibly calm. When Dee got up, she had to open the curtains because she thought we had stopped - it was so calm. Temp during breakfast was 79 and it will get into the 80s during the day.
After breakfast we sat on the verandah for quite a while. Dee was very happy using the binoculars to get a closer look at Sicily. She was fascinated by the island. We will visit Sicily on our return to Rome in 9 days.

Jill & Dee went to the casino for a while. Yes...Jill is winning! Apparently, she taught Dee how to play one of the machines and Dee said it was fun. I always wonder about the slots and how it can matter since all you really do is push a button. But, they seem to enjoy it.

I stayed back at the cabin and enjoyed just sitting on the verandah. I am pretty sure that I napped a couple times. Very peaceful.

They came back to get me for lunch in the lido. But, I didn't last long. It only took a couple minutes for all the odors to bother me. I left them and returned to the cabin and I ordered broth/crackers and tuna salad. This was much better for me. I hadn't realized that the food odors would bother me so extremely.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Watched TV, had dinner and went to the show.

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