Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just had a visit from Dr Birdas - the surgeon. He said that my morning xray looked good - from the surgery healing standpoint. He confirmed that they will do another xray in a couple hours. Unless something unexpected comes up, they will release me later today.

Took a short two loop walk with the RN. Handled it pretty well. Dr Birdas asked her to lower my oxygen setting down to 2 to see how I tolerate it. He still wants my O2 concentration to stay at least in the low 90s. I can always increase the level if I am active. Think I need to buy a pulse ox monitor so I can be sure to keep at the level needed based on activity.

The RN is now testing to figure out what setting I need. First, got a baseline with just sitting with oxygen on. (96) Then a few minutes sitting without O2. (86). Now, back on to baseline (97). Next, will be some kind of activity. Yippee - they want me to use just a 1 level vs the 3-4 that I've been using.

I'm out!!!

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