Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ancient Rome

Sunday morning started with a very nice buffet breakfast. Then, our guide, Massimo, picked up promptly at 9:30. He proceeded to drive us through Rome - pointing out key buildings, fountains, etc. He stopped often for us to take photos and offered a couple times to give us time to walk the area.

Massimo timed things to put us at The Church of Santa Susanna for mass at 10:30. It was a very nice little church that offered this mass in English.

After mass, we headed back on our review of elements of ancient Rome. He also stopped several times for key photo ops. Throughout, Massimo told the important info/history of each area/building. Since there were only the five of us in a small minivan, everyone could easily hear the info from Massimo.

As before, we continue to be amazed by this city. The architecture, the people, and the history are exceptional.

Tonight, we ate at a restaurant recommended by the hotel. They were actually open when we wanted to eat just after 6 and they were only a few blocks from the hotel. Everyone had a pasta of some kind - ravioli, spaghetti, linguine, tortellini. And, the cost was very reasonable - ave $15 per person.

The kids went out to explore. But, I'm sure the rest of us will hunker down, shower and prepare for our day tomorrow.

Healthwise, I obviously made it through the day. We did have to say "no thanks" to Massimo's offer to go longer. The oxygen concentrator has worked well. Being on batteries, I have used a lower setting than normal in order to extend the battery life. This has been fine except when we walk a distance.

My appetite has been almost non-existent. It's been hard since I know I must eat something. Finally, the restaurant tonight had tortellinis in beef broth and I was able to finish it.

Tomorrow we visit St Peters, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican area.

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