Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today we docked at Kusadasi, Turkey. Dee and the kids headed out very early to see Ephesus and Mary's house. Jill and I cancelled our tour because, have done it before, we were pretty certain that it would be a bit much for us.

Mary' house is the home where John brought her after the crucifixion. She lived the rest of her life in this area.

Ephesus is probably the largest and best preserved ruins in the Aegean Sea from ancient times. It is one of the favorite places we have visited - so we were disappointed to miss it this trip. Dee really enjoyed it. Haven't seen the kids; but, I'm sure they really enjoyed it. Apparently, they had an exceptional guide.

Jill and I relaxed and had a late breakfast in the Neptune Lounge (for those with suites). Afterward we relaxed on the verandah. It occurred to me that this would be a good morning for a massage. I checked with the concierge and she was able to get me in very quickly. As always, it was quite nice.

Dee got back about noon - shortly after, she and Jill headed to the Lido for lunch. I ordered to eat in the cabin.

Balance of the day - nothing particularly interesting.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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Jens-Chr. said...

Sorry to hear about your cancer. Kusadasi is a well known place to me and my wife. We go there as often as we can from Norway and we always stay at the AliBabam hotel just 1km away from the harbour. Through the years we have come to love this city and the people and it will most certainly be our home city when we retire.
Have a nice trip and enjoy your holiday!