Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maybe discharged today

A doc came in early to examine. She seems to think it is still likely that they remove the second chest tube today. If that happens, I could possibly go home today.

Had a rough night with severe pain from constipation & gas. My entire midsection really hurt big time. The RNs gave me meds, walked me around the floor and gave me an enema. Finally had a little relief and was able to sleep.

This morning, I am feeling pretty good. Good breakfast - I stuck to raisin bran and blueberry muffin.

They continued to pump me with potassium & magnesium. And, they are giving me a low dose of lovenox - an anti-coagulant or blood thinner. They are also giving me meds to help with my bowels.

10:25am - the second chest tube is out. She said they will do an xray in about four hours to be sure that everything seems to be OK. Will monitor any leakage into the bandage. If all goes OK, we are still on schedule for discharge later today.

More later.

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