Wednesday, July 29, 2009

JimA & Jill

I realize that many of you who follow my blog for travel. But, you may not follow my lung cancer blog at may not get the latest re my health. I will provide a simple update. You can read more detail at the blog site above.

Both Jill and I have had Dr appts right after we completed the cruise. I met with Dr Forkin - my primary care doc. She handles pretty much all non-cancer-related med stuff. All of my tests and blood work were OK.

On Tuesday & Wednesday, I had various scans, xrays, blood work and tests. My blog has more details of these tests. Basically, my brain is OK. The breathing issue is being caused by significant fluid in my right lung and the fluid must be removed by a surgery called a talc pleurodesis. Scheduled for Friday.

Thursday, Jill has an appt with Dr Abonour (her amyloidosis doc). Appt went well and he said she is doing fine. The next Monday, she had an appt with her kidney doc, Dr Kraus. He was not as happy about a couple things and he apparently told her he would have to do the dialysis prep surgery very soon if she keeps straying - I don't remember the exact details.

I went in for my surgery very early Friday. I spent Friday through Wednesday in the hospital. I had a few minor complications but got through them all and was released from the hospital today in the late afternoon.

That's the quick update. Jill is much better since the trip. I had surgery to help my breathing. We'll see what kind of pain or other issues tomorrow brings.

For more details, feel free to visit my blog noted above.

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