Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nice lazy day has been a good day to do almost nothing. We started the day with a wonderful breakfast served by Nelson in our cabin. It was a little damp - so, we didn't eat outside.

After a leisurely breakfast, we made our way to the trivia game. We paired up with another couple - from NJ. After scoring, we figured we ended up in the middle. won by four points! Quite honestly, our partners and Jill were pretty good. I was more of a spectator.

After trivia...well...we pretty much haven't done anything. Lounged around until a light lunch and came back to our cabin. Watched a little BBC, Discovery and took a nap.

Getting ready for a formal dinner tonight. But, first, Nelson will be here with tea and, then, snacks/canapes.

Tonight is the first big production entertainment show.

It is currently 74F and the seas are basically flat with waves of just 1 to 3 feet.

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