Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day at sea

Well...today was a day at sea as we continued on our way to the Azores. It was a mostly lazy day.

Jill won $220 at the slots. Pretty good winnings on nickel slots!

We tied for 1st in trivia - but lost in the tie-breaker. But, it turns out that we have settled into a pretty good, competitive trivia team. The other couple is from around Liverpool, England. And, we have another guy joining us lately - from the US but I'm not sure where.

We got an invite to eat at the "Captain's Table" tonight. But, we declined because we didn't want to leave Glenn and Dawn alone at our normal table. We have been enjoying our dinner company now that it is down to just the two couples. The others - the party gang - haven't been back since the first night. We figure that we must be too boring for them. Oh well.

Weather was 72 today and a bit windy. Pretty good wave action most of the day. Our butler, Nelson, told us that there are some on the ship being bothered. It was a bit cloudy in the morning. But, the sun came out later. The captain said that we might get rain; but, I don't think that has happened.

So...tomorrow we arrive at the Azores. We dock at Ponta Delgada. Don't have an excursion planned. We hope to be able to shop a little. We'll see how it goes.

I haven't mentioned before that the desserts at dinner have been sinful. Most nights I have had a chocolate cake, pie or other concoction. On the other hand, the soups have been disappointing. I have had steak/beef quite often and it has been pretty good. Only had fish one night and I was disappointed. I have had mostly pasta for lunch - custom made at the pasta bar. And, of course, the breakfasts in our cabin have been great.

So...that's all for now. Couldn't get to sleep. So, I remembered I hadn't done an update. Time to drag myself back to bed. Take care all.

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