Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day at sea 3

Well...the excitement today was that Jill had a big day in the casino. She won a jackpot on slots (about $250) - but it was during a special Captain's Club event where jackpots were paid out double. She figures she is up to around $1,100 so far this cruise.

Also, we won trivia again last night - won travel pillows. This morning we tied for first but lost the tie-breaker.

Otherwise, this was basically another day at sea. Had to start with breakfast in the cabin. Gray, chilly and a bit windy - not good weather for breakfast on the verandah.

Last night between midnight and 2AM, the seas started to rock a bit. Still not too bad - but, enough to feel the rolling and to grab the wall occasionally. I would guess 8 to 10 foot swells. Temp high only about 70.

Today, we had our trivia partners - Michael, Roger and Dehlia - to our cabin for tea. It's kinda nice taking advantage of the extra space and the butler service.

No trivia tonight since they are using the lounge for a Captain's Club event - one more that we are skipping. They certainly are persistent and we have rec'd an invitation for lots of things - dinner at the Captain's table, a couple cocktail parties, a private bridge tour, etc. But, nothing that was of interest to us.

Since we are sailing west, we have been gaining time most days. After gaining another hour tomorrow night, we will be back on Eastern time. This is why we like crossing from Europe back to the US. When we dock in the US, we are back on our home time and we have gained it back gradually - no sudden adjustment to the time.

We understand that they have diverted our path slightly to medivac someone off the ship. Don't know too much. We just hear that someone is in critical condition. It is supposed to happen around 6 AM tomorrow - so, I doubt that we will be awake when it happens. This is the 3rd of the last 4 trips where someone has been taken off our ship by helicopter.

Two more days at sea - Sunday and Monday.

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