Monday, September 22, 2008

Day at sea 5

Well...I must say that we are certainly not looking forward to this cruise ending. This has clearly been one of our most relaxing trips. The cabin was fabulous - even a bit over the top - but, it sure was nice!

Of course, time in Barcelona is good for us. We love the city. Casablanca was heavily littered, dusty and very hectic. But, it was interesting to visit. Lisbon was a nice, smaller city that is working to attract more tourism. That is also the case in the Azores where they have a brand new cruise ship dock.The ocean...well...we sure do love the days at sea.

Last night, we rocked at trivia. 20 out of 20. We were the clear winners. Tied for first in Tribond this morning. And, we won Food Trivia this morning. With somewhere around 8 or 10 wins, we were a pretty good team on this cruise. Oh, and Jill sure did well in the casino.

Today, of course, is time to start packing and getting ready to disembark tomorrow morning. At least we don't have to be ready too early - the estimated disembarkation time for our color luggage tags is 9:40 - not too bad.

So...that's it. One more cruise about to be completed.

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