Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Aboard

Today we boarded the Constellation after a somewhat leisurely AM. We just had breakfast and kinda sat around until we were ready to checkout around noon.

Checkin and boarding was pretty easy. The security line wasn't really very long and Celebrity's checkin was pretty simple. Immediately upon stepping on the ship, Jill had a guy in black tux and tails push up to her, take her bag and he guided us to our suite. He wasn't our butler - but they were clearly watching for our luggage tags or something to know we have a suite. While others were told they could get to their cabins after 1:00, we were taken straight to our suite about 12:15.

Within the first half hour, I counted six different people who came to our cabin to do things or just to introduce themselves and to let us know they were available for whatever we needed.

The suite is really nice. Obviously, we paid for it - but that doesn't change that it is the best cabin we have had. We have a separate bedroom and living room. The living room (about the size of a typical cabin) extends into a dining area with a table and five chairs. The dining area has glass cabinets with decorative cases, figurines, etc. The living room has a sofa, love seat and lounge chair. The bathroom is all marble with a large whirlpool tub. The verandah is larger than I expected - with a jacuzzi, two lounge chairs, and a table with four chairs. The walls are almost all wood panels. And, the list goes on. I must say it is pretty darn nice.

We met our tablemates at dinner tonight. We are at a table of seven. We might finally have a group that might be challeging. One older couple from outside Toronto seems nice - but they were somewhat quiet. The other three seem to be an odd lot so far. The guy of the couple hardly said anything. The other guy was a bit different - he seemed to push to be a bit "goofy". But...we'll see. The woman... well... let's just say I don't quite understand why she would bother with a better cruiseline since all she talked about was wanting to drink and party. Again...we'll see.

After dinner we went to see the A Capella Quartet. We enjoyed their show and will likely try to see them more during the trip.

We are at sea tomorrow. That means a day to relax!

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