Friday, September 19, 2008

Day at sea 2

Well...I almost didn't bother with an update today. But, I decided that would be incredibly lazy - somewhat like our day today.

Breakfast on the verandah - trivia - chat with trivia team - Jill to the casino - Lunch - relax - trivia -- that's what our day has been today so far. Eat, play and lounge around. How good is that?

Temp around 80 today. Seas once again very smooth. We're now about 1,000 miles from docking in NJ.

This afternoon our tablemates, Glenn and Dawn, are coming to our cabin for tea and to play euchre. Then, of course, dinner, 8PM trivia and the usual shows.

The only unusual thing today is that I broke a small glass bottle of euchalyptis oil in the bathroom during the night. What an excessively aromatic mess! Luckily, when the bottle hit the marble floor, it broke up into just four pieces rather than shattering. Happily, our cabin steward was able to get rid of most of the smell this morning.

So...that was the only real excitement. And, we have another slow day at sea tomorrow.

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