Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day at sea

What a wonderful, relaxing day at sea. It is about 70 and the sea is very smooth.

We started the day with breakfast on the verandah. What a life! Then, trivia. We only did so-so today. But, we have done well with about six wins. We played a couple other types of games during the day - not winning but having fun.

Found out that one of our trivia/games partners was formerly a casting director on some TV shows and what he referred to as B movies - Chuck Norris type movies. He is pretty good on entertainment trivia.

Our other partners are a couple from England - I think I have mentioned that they are from the Liverpool area. I learned today that Dehlia (sp?) had a chance to see the Beatles just before they became big; but, she went dancing instead. She said she always wished she had gone to see the band instead. Also, she writes down all the trivia questions/answers because they run a pub quiz at home. So...they are pretty decent trivia partners.

Lunch for me was pasta once again. There is a pasta station in the level-10 casual restaurant. They offer 3 to 4 different pastas and 10 to 12 different ingredients. The chef saute's (sp?) the ingredients along with the pasta and, then, adds one of the three sauces. Choices are things like bacon, sausage, ham, onion, peppers, olives, tomatoes, etc.

Jill has been getting a similar concoction at the Asian station or and the sandwich station. This really helps her to be able to better control what she eats for lunch. Of course, for dinner, they bring her the menu for the next night and prepare her selection without salt.

Of course, I took an opportunity for a nap. And, Jill visited the casino - she was even today. Nelson once again treated us with afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, breads, cookies, tarts, etc. Again, what a life!

Tonight, the show is a guitar instrumentalist - I might go to the cinema to see Juno instead.

Tomorrow, another day at sea.

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