Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day at sea 4

Gloomy, chilly, high of just 66, moderate seas at 8 to 10 feet, rain off and on most of the day. This is our 4th day at sea and all these things mean little to us since we rarely go outside on the ship.

Trivia last night and this morning were so-so. But, we won midday trivia. Jill was very happy because the prizes were very nice tote bags.

More importantly, the gambler won another $150 on the slots this morning. She is now up to around $1,250 - which is the most she has won on a cruise.

We both went to bed early last night. After gaining another hour, we both woke up pretty early - well before Nelson delivered breakfast. I guess we've caught up on sleep.

Jill was awake when the helicopter came to medivac the person early this morning. We have never heard what was wrong. Hope he/she is OK.

Tonight is the last formal night. So...fancy menu and baked Alaska.

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