Monday, September 15, 2008

Lisbon day 2

This morning we took a tour "Lisbon by Boat". The two hour tour was quite nice. Our guide narrated the entire time - telling us about the various buildings, monuments and areas of the city.

Even though the city was founded hundreds of years BC, most of the building are newer due to a very devastating earthquake in 1755.

The Castle of St George is one of the few structures that survived the earthquake. It stands on the hill believed to be the original Phoenician colony.

At the 25th April Bridge, there is a tall column with a statue of "Christ the King" which was a gift from Brazil.

We decided to not go shopping today. It was already 11AM when our tour finished and the last shuttle from downtown is 2PM. We figured it would be too rushed by the time we figured out how to get downtown and, then, would have to watch our time so we wouldn't miss the last shuttle. So...we skipped it.

This afternoon will just be leisure - eating, games and probably a nap.

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