Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today we docked at Cadiz, Spain. We did not book an excursion and we decided to just stay aboard and relax. We did take time to play games.

Basically, we got up in time for breakfast and, then, trivia. We won our second trivia this morning. That was followed by charades, lunch, catch phrase, a short nap and tribond. So...we kept pretty active thoughout the day.

Just finished afternoon tea. A cleaning crew is hosing down our verandah. Things got kinda dusty yesterday at Casablanca. Nelson wanted to get the verandah cleaned off because I told him we might want to have breakfast outside if the weather is nice.

Oh...we left Casablanca late - about 11PM - last night. For the first time, we got some rough water as we left port and sailed into the Atlantic. But, it only lasted long enough to rock us to sleep.

Well...hopefully, the cleaners are done. I'm about to get ready for dinner. Wake more games. What a life!

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