Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well...the day finally got here. Brett & Arielle got married today. I have described it to some friends as a "hippie wedding in a park" and that's exactly what it was.

We headed to Ridley Creek State Park about noon. Wasn't really too far; but, it sure took us to a very different part of the Philly area. Wooded, green and clearly a state park environment. We found shelter #17 and the kids had most things set up.

Shortly after most people started to arrive, the appetizers, veggies, cheeses, etc were put out. With about 22 people coming to the wedding, setting out the food wasn't terribly difficult.

As the guests arrived, it was clear this would be an eclectic group. Arielle's brother (David), a former professor, a few of Arielle's long-time friends, and an assortment of personalities. Most of the guests were young - Brett & Arielle's age.

Once everyone was there about 2:45, the kids did what is a "Quaker style" wedding. They simply read their vows to each other. Afterward, the guests were invited to do a reading or say whatever. Jill handled "officially welcoming" Arielle into our family.

Then, David, and Julie served as the witnesses - which meant they signed the paperwork that is turned in to officials. There was nobody who officiated over the wedding ceremony.

Once the formalities were finished, the photographers took many of the usual pictures and other food was served. They served a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, etc. Desserts were fab - chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake and tiramisu.

Other than the cold temps, it was a very nice, informal ceremony/celebration. The kids seemed to be very happy - both with how it went and with the fact that it is now over.

So, we're back at the hotel. Everyone is thawing out. And we'll probably just hang around for the evening and prepare for our flights tomorrow.

Oh, I probably should comment that I am doing pretty well. O2 ran a little low after the long day - but didn't really cause any problems. I've been sleeping OK since I have been taking Ambien. I'll wait until I'm back home to see if I can sleep through the night without help.
The Tarceva "acne" is covering most of my lower face and I have a few spots on my upper chest. Itches like all get out - and it's pretty ugly stuff. But, since the Tarceva is working, I'm glad to put up with it. Nothing else significant in terms of side effects.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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