Saturday, May 16, 2009

In Philly for Wedding

Yesterday, we flew to Philly for Brett & Arielle's wedding - which is Sunday. Travel went well. We successfully hooked up with Jill's mom who came separately from Chicago. Got our rental SUV and headed out. Slight glitch finding the Residence Inn - but not too bad.

We decided that Friday would be our day to get Philly steak sandwiches. A friend had recommended Jim's on South St - we went. And, as expected, the sandwiches were delicious. And, it was fun for Jill's mom and Julie to see the uniqueness of South St.

After eating, we drove to the kid's apartment. Met Barkley (dog) and one of Arielle's friends (Julie). Spent time just chatting and relaxing.

Headed back to the hotel. Julie and I decided we needed some pizza - she ordered delivery. She didn't do any meat; but, it was still pretty good.

The hotel suite is quite nice. 2 bedrooms - each with a queen bed and bathroom. Nice sized living room with a sofa bed. We don't plan on cooking; but, the suite includes an apartment sized kitchen - refrig, stove/oven, microwave, etc.

Then, this morning we woke up - or should I say I got woke up - to do a bit of a tourist day. We found the visitors center after parking and immediately got out tickets for the "duck" tours. This is something that Jill and I like to do in any city that has them. Usually get a very nice overview of the keys sites - and, this one was good.

After the tour, everyone was hungry. We headed for the City Tavern. We all had a great meal. Julie and Dee had the turkey pot pie. Jill had turkey/noodle soup and I had prime rib. And dessert was an exceptional piece of chocolate mousse cake - mmmm it as fabulous.

Once done eating, everyone was pooped. We didn't even walk back to the car. I insisted that we get a cab. Not sure I could have made the walk.

Back to the hotel. Jill and Julie are both napping. Dee and I are watching the Food Network.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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