Monday, May 18, 2009

Travel day - back home

Today was a travel day to return home from the wedding in Philly. Everything went pretty well. We had to walk quite a bit in the Philly airport - enough that I eventually flagged down an electric cart to help with the final leg of the walk. It was quite a while for me to be off oxygen right now - something like 7 hours without O2.

And, it was a long time to go without a chance to wash my face - which is about the only thing that helps relieve the itching and pain of the acne-like sores. At this time, these sores are still the only significant side effect that I have had from the Tarceva (chemo).

Tomorrow was to be back to normal routine. However, there will be an emergency evacuation drill at the office tomorrow - they completely evacuate the building. And, I certainly don't plan to do that. So...I will be going in a little late tomorrow - at least late enough to get there after they finish the drill.

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