Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to work and back to normal

So...late this week I was finally able to get back into the office and things are gradually making their way back to being somewhat normal. I was able to spend about 7-ish hours in the office both Thursday and Friday. Obviously, it was good to get back since I was starting to become pretty stir crazy.

Medically, most of the side effects from the radiation are gone or clearing up. I no longer have the soreness in my throat. I'm not feeling the extreme fatigue - unless that is due to being back on the steroids. Obviously, the hair is history; but, I'm used to that.

I am experiencing pretty extreme acne-like sores on my face and neck. It can be pretty irritating; but, it's not as bad as some of the real debilitating side effects I had earlier. Just gotta be careful. According to Dr E, I can't use typical acne solutions since they will dry out my skin and he says that would make things worse. Apparently, even though it looks like acne, it isn't. It is actually caused by the Tarceva - the new pill chemotherapy that I start April 18. Dr E told me in advance that this would likely be one of the only real side effects.

Also, I have had a little trouble sleeping - I attribute it to being back on the steroids. So...I am just putting up with it. Dr E says that I may be on the oxygen only a few weeks. It would certainly be nice to be off by the time we go to Rome. But...apparently, I will need to continue giving myself the anticoagulant shots (lovenox) for as long as 6 months. Quite an experience.

On a non-medical note, I've had time to contemplate things and I realize just how lucky I was to dodge the bullet of the pulmonary embolism. After reading a bit more, I have come to realize that this causes strokes and other much more serious effects for many people. And, it is something that, literally, could have killed me. Once again, however, I was lucky to have had it caught at a point where they could initiate treatment before something too serious. It is helpful to be good; but, it is much better to be incredibly lucky!!

I went with Jake today to see the new Star Trek movie - absolutely, loved it. And, tomorrow we are going with Connie and Jake for Mom's Day brunch. This time we are going to Sahm's - a place where we have always had good food. Their basic strength is in preparing comfortable food - nothing too fancy here. We're thinking that they should be able to good a really good job of a brunch.

At work, I had a couple days to restart work on my business blog. It is gratifying that Simon has agreed to provide any resources that I need to make it work. And, the one key trade magazine in my portion of the business has offered to carry the blog on their website - that should help the blog to get a good jumpstart. And, very generous of them to offer since they haven't even seen the blog - they made the offer simply based upon my reputation. So...I hope to be able to continue work on it next week.

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