Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31 British Isles

5/31 British Isles

Anchored at the Isles of Scilly this morning. The main island of St Mary's is 2-1/2 miles by 1-3/4 miles. The Capitol city, Hugh Town, is on a sand bar. No, there are no excursions - though most passengers disembarked to see the beaches (brrrr) and pre-historic buildings. Not us. Jill did a little laundry and I got our Internet devices setup. Don't know that we will use them much - but, we'll see. 

Last night we were out until 12:30AM - yes, after midnight - listening to a piano lounge-type singer. Billie Joel, Jim Croce, Barry Manilo. Tonight, Elvis, Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack

Tonight was the first show by the ship's eight-member cast of singers/dancers & 7-piece live orchestra. It was a great show. We were front row with dance floor on the same level. It was like watching the pros dance at DWTS! 10's all around. 

Despite not getting off the ship, we have been very busy. Lots of trivia - yes, we win  lot. Food & dining have been very flexible and very good. So far, it has worked out well for us. 

Take care and be well.

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