Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Didn't go to the office

Today, I did not go into the office - the first time in years - except, of course, for trips ;-). I have been dealing with very crusty eyes, heavy mucus in my throat and significant fatigue. I have gone the office for short days throughout my radiation treatments and a little more than a week afterward. But, today, I just couldn't do it. I turned off my alarm early and just slept in. It was after 10AM before I went downstairs to take my meds and eat breakfast. I managed 3 weeks of getting up at 6:30 to get to the radiation treatments and 1 1/2 weeks of getting into the office every day for meetings, interviews and other stuff. Today, I realized that I needed a day to do nothing. So...that's what I am doing. Jill and I did go out briefly for lunch. After mostly sleeping until almost 2PM, I am finally feeling like my new normal. Eyes are still crusty. Still mucus in my throat. But, I am finally feeling like I am not totally wasted. I see my eye doc tomorrow. Maybe she will have a suggestion for my crusty eyes. 

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