Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 2 London

5/28 - 2 London

Tonight, we went to the Palace Theatre to see "Singing in the Rain". The show was fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I couldn't believe it when it started to rain very heavily on the stage for the title song just before intermission!! Someone had told us not to sit in the front few rows. Wow! The Gene Kelly character was soaked and kicked at the inch+ deep water on the stage. The first 5 or 6 rows got quite wet. Happily, our tickets were row J. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. 

All in all, we have had wonderful days in London. Great time with Barbara & Anne. The aquarium, the London Eye, traditional Sunday dinner, two-level bus tour, afternoon tea and the show. We did a lot in just 2 days. 

Looking forward to boarding the Azamara Journey tomorrow. 

Take care and be well. 

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