Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/12 One week since last radiation

Doing relatively well since my 15th and last whole-brain radiation last Friday. My eyes have continued to be pretty crusty; but, they seem to be stable. A damp, warm washcloth helps. The eye crustiness seems to be more this time. My throat is still filling with mucus; but, I keep drinking to clear it temporarily. This time, I have not yet had thrush (sores in my mouth). Fatigue can be a challenge; but, I have been able to do most things. In general, I seem to be handling the impact from the radiation this time better than the radiation 3 years ago. From my blogs back then, it seems that the worst fatigue started a week or so after the final treatment; so, I might start to feel side effects more in the coming weeks. In any case, we have a trip coming up and I plan to be on that trip. Later, the Olympics start and we will be planted in front of the TV watching every event as much as possible.

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