Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30 British Isles

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5/30 British Isles

After an easy boarding, went to the Aquafina specialty restaurant. My steak was very good. But, Jill sent hers back because it was very rare for her. 2nd time still undercooked. She ate around the edges. Chocolate soufflé was excellent. 

After dinner, we had to wait because the shows are at 9:30. It looks like the entertainment will be very good. Last night was a sampling of the performers. 

Today, we went on an excursion on Guernsey. First, the Guernsey Freesia Centre which grows award winning flowers. Then, Bruce Russell Jewellers and The Little Chapel. At the end of the tour, we got Freesia bouquets - which are now in a vase in our cabin. 

We learned the island history and saw much of the 24 sq miles of the island. 60,000 residents. The island has honored allegiance to the British Crown since 1204.  Guernsey is the only English land occupied during WWII.

Take care and be well. 

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