Friday, May 4, 2012

15th - Final radiation

Hurray!!! Today was my 15th and FINAL whole-brain radiation treatment. Next week I can go back to sleeping a little later. For the last few days, I have had a crusting on my eyes - especially the right eye. I started worrying that I might have pink eye. But, Dr H told me today that I definitely don't have pink eye. Apparently, due to the recent activity in my right eye, the radiation was aimed to include the eye up to behind the lens. This is what is causing the crustiness. He said that it should go away over a short time. Best treatment is a warm washcloth to clear the crusty bits. I had actually started that a few days ago. ;-) 

He asked about headaches. I have only had one brief, minor headache that went away pretty quickly. So, hurray, no steroids at this time. He asked about my appetite since 3 years ago I lost all taste for food. Currently, I am eating normally and have no trouble tasting what I eat. I have a little brain fuzziness; but, not enough to prevent normal activity.

Fatigue has been consistent so far. Yes, I have been pretty fatigued; but, I have been able to work a normal schedule. I have left the office slightly early on a few days; but, it hasn't been very significant. I have been napping during Wheel of Fortune; but, that was normal for me prior to radiation.

I am looking forward to our next trip to the British Isles. When we return, Dr H will schedule a follow up MRI to determine the status of the brain lesions.

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