Wednesday, April 7, 2010

still stable

Saw Dr Einhorn today. He reviewed the Xrays that were done this morning and says that I continue to be stable. No treatments. He also commented that it is now 13 months since the discovery of brain lesions; and, that none of those lesions had grown. Scheduled a 2-month follow up for mid-June. He discussed my weight loss and went through my weights when I have visited him since August. 37 lbs lost since then. I told him he should go back a few more months because that's only half of it. I have lost 74 lbs since last April. He actually seemed to be fine with it since he said that I was clearly too heavy and that might have contributed to some of my problems - like shortness of breath.

Next up, I start the cataract surgery process Friday with an ultrasound to measure for the new artificial lens size.

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