Sunday, April 11, 2010

eye ultrasound & cataracts

Had an ultrasound on both eyes on Friday. The process was pretty quick. These measurements will be used to determine the proper artificial lens implant to use for each eye. I have a total of eight more appointments to complete the entire process. The surgery will involve making a very small incision. Then, a probe will be inserted and the doctor will use ultrasound vibration to break up my current very cloudy lens. The tiny pieces of the lens are then suctioned out. A new artificial lens implant is inserted through the same small incision and I will go through a recovery process. The doctor will do my left eye first and, one week later, he will do the right eye. It is not likely that I will be able to drive during this time; so, we will be staying with Jill's Mom in Joliet. Jill will drive until I am able to see sufficiently to drive. I can't wait for the surgery so that I can see without the fog and poor focus that I currently experience. It will be nice to really see colors again. Just nine days to go.

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