Tuesday, April 20, 2010

left eye surgery

Cataract surgery on my left eye is complete. After a last-minute checkup yesterday, I started eye drop,  went to the surgery center at 7:30 this morning. After check-in, I changed into one of those fashionable hospital gowns. Over a period of time, the nurse put 12 drops in m left eye - to dialate and numb the eye. When they were satisfied, I was taken to an operation room for the surgery. I was given a "twilight" drug. I wasn't really knocked out; though, I guess some people experience that effect from the drug. I was aware and conscious throughout the procedure. Lots of colors and no pain. After a few minutes, the Dr said he was done. They put a protective, clear plastic patch on my eye and wheeled me to recovery where I transferred to a lounge chair similar to the chairs used for chemo. A nurse brought me crackers a d apple juice for a snack. It didn't take long before I felt OK and we left. I have more eye drops for the rest of the day. When I took of the patch to put in drops, I could already see much better. Much brighter. I go in for a follow-up. Apparently, my vision will continue to improve over the next couple days. I will probably be able to remove to patch tomorrow.  So far, so good. Right eye next week.

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