Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Day

Got a new blazer today. First that I have bought since losing 74 lbs. Much smaller.  Last night, I tried on every suit coat/blazer that I own. All were much too big - overlapped around 8 to 10". Thought about it on my drive downtown. Stopped by Leon Tailoring - close to downtown - before going to the office. Never been there before. Small, family-owned shop that has been open 102 years.

Turns out they had a blazer in stock and they could tailor it to me - TODAY. And, I didn't have to pay for alterations. Now I have a very nice blazer for the Alaska cruise and for the conference in a couple weeks. I've never owned one tailored this well. It's not custom-make; but, it's probably as close as I will get.

And, this is a two-fer day. I also got the written notice that our home mortgage is now fully paid off. No more home mortgage payment. Hurray!!

Jill visited the doctor who did her stem cell transplant eight years ago and has been treating her since. He told her yesterday that her amyloidosis has been stable long enough that they now have many new treatment options in the event the amyloidosis becomes active.

Nothing really new about my health. Too much good news to talk about instead.

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