Thursday, April 2, 2009


I decided that today's post should be about Jill's status since mine is pretty much same old same old.

Jill visited her amyloidosis doc today after having given the usual blood and body fluids for tests. This was her first update since mid-December. And, thank goodness, the news is that she continues to be stable. Happily, on a day to day basis, she is doing well and that sure is nice since she sometimes needs to help me with stuff.

Re: her kidneys, obviously she continues to be in stage IV kidney failure; but, that has now been the case for around 3 years. Every time she sees her kidney doc, they seem to think it might be time to prepare her to start dialysis. And, every time it turns out that she doesn't need dialysis yet. Apparently, at her last visit, the various blood measurements that they use to determine kidney function are still about the same as they were 3 years ago.

I firmly believe that her strict monitoring of sodium, phosphorus and potassium have kept her hanging on at her current kidney status. She doesn't even pay attention to what her daily allowances are for this things - she focusses on simply taking in none. my daily routine of dealing with elephant ankles, thrush in my mouth and throat, and other minor irratants, Jill keeps hanging in there and doing well. What luck and what a break for me!!

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