Monday, April 27, 2009

I am pitiful

I see it has been about 11 days since I posted. I have spent most of that time sleeping. I got to the point that I emailed both Dr Einhorn and Dr Henderson about my status. They both said my situation is normal and that I just need to be patient - not easy for me. is the situation...I am in the middle of what I would call extreme fatigue. Just about any time I sit or lay down, I just fall asleep. Most muscles have a low level ache. In general, I have no energy. I still have the scratchy soreness in my mouth and throat - though, not as bad as the thrush. Both doctors agree that the side effects I am feeling are from the radiation. I see Dr Henderson tomorrow. So, we'll talk about this some more when I see him.

I started Tarceva (a targeted chemotherapy drug) on April 18. So far, I haven't experienced any of the possible side effects of the drug other than very minor diarrhea that was quickly controlled by OTC Imodium.

I have not been to work in a couple weeks since I can't safely drive.

Since I haven't done much, I don't have much more to update for now.

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