Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a couple days. No good reason other than not much has changed. I did actually have one day without foot pain. But, then, the neuropathy kicked in. But, since I had to just get used to the neuropathy, it shouldn't be too bad.

The thrush is gone and now I am still dealing with a little pain in my throat that is from the radiation. At first, the pain was pretty rough and they gave me a liquid med that I slowly dropped in the back of my throat. This gave really good relief before eating. I am now to the point where I don't use it much because the pain is significantly reduced.

My mouth dries out constantly. Sometimes tough to talk when my mouth is so dry. But, I try to remember to always have a bottle of water with me and that give temporary relief. Also, I am back with the cough. Luckily, cough meds can somewhat control it. During the day, I only use Robitussin - DM since it doesn't make me drowsy. At night I use the Rx cough med that has codeine since it doesn't matter if it puts me to sleep.

Other than those things, my biggest issue is fatigue. And, I am talking fatigue all the time. Last night while we were watching TV shows, I nodded off and ended up sleeping 2 1/2 hours. Hopefully, things will work out as the doc has said - he thinks that the various symptoms should begin to subside in a few weeks and that I should get back to how I was feeling before radiation.

Things are going well with plans for a business blog. Simon is supporting my plans and we are working on content so we have enough before going live with the blog. I am looking forward to getting it going and I think it will be a satisfying thing for me.

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