Saturday, April 4, 2009

happy to be a bit better

Well...I felt kinda crappy when I woke up today. But...later this afternoon, things are looking up. It seems that the swelling in my feet is a little better. Today is a no-steroid day in the weaning process - so, I imagine that has helped. The thrush is still in my throat; but, it seems to be a little better. I can swallow without it hurting like all get out.

My brother, Tony, and his wife, Dana, stopped by yesterday on their way to see Dad and Rheta. We went to dinner and had a nice visit last night and this morning. Plus, it's always nice to share Dunkin Donuts!! It was nice to get caught up on some family news since I am generally not really in the loop on that stuff. We just get wrapped up in our day-to-day stuff and keeping up on my family just doesn't happen. Jill talks to her mom literally everyday; so, she keeps up on her family. But, that just doesn't happen on my side.

After they left, we had a good day of errands. Headed to the east side to Gordon Food Service where I was able to really load up on fruits - particularly frozen whole and sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. They were sampling preboiled/peeled eggs - and I love hard boiled eggs. They have a May expiration date and I think I can get through them before then - so, I got a box. Jill got some cookie dough and we picked up some meat ravioli to try. It was a good food day.

I learned from Dana about how libraries now apparently offer downloads of books that I can put on my new netbook and listen to the book with headphones. I have been having difficulty focusing on reading and haven't read a fiction book since chemo. I think listening to the book might be a good option. But, I found out that my library card wasn't good any longer - been a while. So, we also went to the library today and got me a new card. Then, this afternoon, I went to the library website and started the process to be able to download a couple books. We'll see how it works out - I am hopeful.

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