Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb 2008 status

This week I met with Dr Einhorn. Xrays and tests show that my cancer is stable - which means that I am still in remission. I continue to receive infusions of Avastin every 3 weeks and will continue to do so until May. I am feeling pretty good.

My feet still hurt - peripheral neuropathy - but I am becoming accustomed to it. I certainly wouldn't want to walk great distances; but, I seem to be able to get around as I need to.

I continue to have headaches just about every morning. Dr Einhorn says not to worry at this time and to just keep taking Advil since it takes care of the headache pretty quickly. Since the headaches don't reoccur much during the day and since I don't have headaches waking me up at night, he says not to worry about it.

I continue to have a good appetite and certainly haven't lost any more wait since my summer on chemo. I lost about 25 lbs during the summer and have put about 10 back on. Weight has been stable since Sept - including during and after our cruises.

Work is fine - the usual stuff. I am pretty much working full-time - though I often start the day slow and don't get in until 9:30ish. But, once I get my body going, I seem to have the energy and be OK for the rest of the day. I will admit to an occassional short nap in my office chair!!

So...that's about it. Same old, same old for now.

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