Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carib day 10

OMG...we finally lost at trivia today. We are so devastated! Oh well. Jill won a little today at the slots - she is up around $750.

We docked at Grand Turk today. We didn't bother to get off the ship since it is just the same shops that we saw last week. So...we just relaxed, ate and read. I had a massage this afternoon. My left shoulder has been bothering me and the massage has helped some.

Since I haven't commented on health for a while, Jill and I are both doing well. The chest congestion that Jill had before we left is all cleared up. And, I am also doing pretty well.

My feet are a bit numb - especially when I walk a lot - which is everyday since our cabin is at the very back of the ship. We don't have to go far for dining but the shows, trivia and just about everything else is quite a walk. But, with a few minutes rest, my feet are ready to go again.

We are both getting plenty of sleep. Having breakfast delivered each morning and eating on the verandah most mornings with the great weather helps us to start each day off very well. Oddly, I have eaten more ice cream this cruise than during the entire past year.

They are doing a good job of preparing Jill's special low sodium dinners each day - but they always serve her way too much food and are surprised when she doesn't eat lots of it. They always ask "Is there something wrong with your dinner?". She always tells them that there is just too much food for her.

So...that's what's up right now. We hear that the weather back home has been crummy. So sorry about that. It is absolutely beautiful here - wish you were all here with us ;-)

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