Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carib day 3

Tuesday was a day at Grand Turk. It was a little unusual because it seems that this area was built by Carnival specifically for its various cruise ships.

We docked, walked along a long pier and the beach and shopping were right there. I don't think that non-cruise visitors can get to this area of the island. There was transport to other areas - but we just did the port.

Typical Carib island shopping with the normal stores you see on most islands plus what appeared to be a little local retail flavor. There was a Margaritaville - with all the Jimmy Buffet music and souvenirs. Was about 45 minutes worth of walking around shops and we returned to the ship.

Full afternoon of trivia - so-so on TV theme song trivia, tied for first on one normal trivia and won one trivia. So...not a bad afternoon for us.

There are lots of passengers who are not frequent cruisers. About 300 of the 2000 passengers are doing the two weeks - basically, the frequent cruisers. It is funny to hear the newbies talking about the rocking of the boat - it is actually quite calm compared to what we have experienced in the past.

We just got back this morning from trivia - we won again. We have a pretty good team now.

We anchor soon in Tortolla and have a short afternoon excursion. More later...

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