Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carib day 12

We anchored at Grand Cayman today and we actually got off the ship. We did a glass-bottom boat. Even though it wasn't terribly sunny, we saw lots of fish and coral. It rained a bit; but, not a big deal. Since our excursion was at noon, we made it back to the ship in time to have ice cream for lunch.

In general, it was way, way too busy for us on shore in George Town. There were 5 ships at anchor today - including a Royal Caribbean ship with somewhere around 4000 passengers. Wall-to-wall people. On the walk to the glass-bottom boat, we passed Margaritaville and a couple other "drinking" places. At about 11:30, there were already people drinking heavily and being loud. I told Jill they were probably from the 2 Carnival cruise ships.

The rest of the day was our usual - breakfast on the verandah, reading in the Crow's Nest, snack in the Neptune Lounge, nap in the afternoon, and trivia just before dinner - second again.

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