Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carib day 11

Today we did escentially nothing. Beautiful morning - breakfast on the verandah. Sunny. Around high 70s or low 80s. Very calm seas.

For the rest of the morning, we went to the Crow's Nest on the level 10 observation level and read books. We read until lunchtime. After lunch, back up to the Crow's Nest to read more and wait for trivia at 2:15. We tied for first in trivia but lost the tie-breaker.

After trivia, back to the cabin to read on the verandah. Then a short nap before dinner. Is it sounding boring yet?

We will go to the entertainment tonight - a very entertaining piano duo. And, after that...let's see...I wonder...oh, we'll probably read and Jill will go to bed and I'll read some more. How's that for livin' la vida loca?

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