Friday, June 11, 2010


Day in Kodiak today. We were very interested in visiting - and I think our expectations were a bit high. We went on a wildlife viewing excursion. It was a little chilly but very sunny. Our small excursion boat carried just five of us plus the captain and a narrator.

During the first two hours, it was basically a very scenic boat ride. Finally, during the last two hours, we saw lots of puffins and other birds. The narrator wasn't terribly good with identifying the birds. He was more an area history expert. We also saw several dozen sea lions grouped on rocky islands.

We certainly hoped to see more. But, it's wildlife and there is never a guarantee that you'll see anything.

We will spend tomorrow cruising Hubbard Glacier. In the past, it has been much better glacier-viewing than Glacier Bay. Hope that will be true tomorrow.

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