Friday, June 11, 2010

Juneau - killer whales

Well...what a great day in Juneau. Took our usual whale watching excursion. How exciting to see a pod of about 6+ killer whales - adults and a juvenile. They came within feet of the boat and even swam under the boat. Even the guides were obviously excited because they said they see killer whales very seldom.

We also saw many humpback whales - including a young humpback breeching (jumping) completely out of the water. Many of the whales were very close. Sea lions, a sea otter (apparently very rare in Juneau), eagles. Today was a superb day for wildlife. Cloudy, rainy, 50's.

We also saw Mendenhall Glacier; but, it is saw much smaller than the first time we saw it. It is retreating about 500 feet per year. Soon, it will not be worth a stop.

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