Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back in Indy

Getting to work was tough on Tuesday after getting home so late from the trip and getting into bed a 2:30AM.  But, I made it in a little later than usual. Caught up on things before a couple days of medical stuff.

On Wednesday, went into the IU Simon Cancer Center for a chest Xray and appointment with Dr E. Drove to Joliet right after finishing with Dr E.  Appointment with Dr Z on Thursday to do a final check on my cataract surgery. All went well at both appointments. 

Back to work Friday after driving back to Indy on Thursday evening. Since I had mostly caught up on Tuesday, I spent the day doing normal things. Got a referral to a retina specialist at IU per Dr Z's suggestion. Apparently, I have "floaters" and he wants me to have them checked out by a retina specialist. Was able to get an appointment to follow my brain MRI and appointment with Dr H next Tuesday. So, I will spend most of the day on Tuesday at IU Hospital.

With Alaska behind us and no new trip scheduled yet, will be doing typical stuff for a while. Which means, work and medical stuff for both Jill and me.  And, we are looking forward to a short visit from Julie next week.

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