Monday, June 7, 2010

Glacier Bay

Yesterday, we spent the day cruising Glacier Bay. It is always awesome to see the huge, majestic landscape in this area. Unfortunately, it is clear that the glaciers are much reduced from our last visit here.

Some of the glaciers have retreated so much that they no longer reach to the water. They are melting faster than the growth of the ice pack. Much of Glacier Bay is now dirt/rocks without snow or ice cover. That doesn't diminish from the expanse of the bay; but, it is obvious that the glaciers are shrinking. We spent about 9AM until 4:30PM in Glacier Bay.

In general, it has been pretty chilly. Mid-40's in Glacier Bay. Highs in the mid-50's other days. We have had a bit of sun; but, it has been cloudy most days. Rain one day on the ship and light sprinkles one day.

Sunset at about 10:30PM. Right now, at 11:50PM, it is gray - but not dark. We don't see when it actually gets dark since we're sleeping. When I woke up briefly at about 5:00AM, it was already light outside.

Entertainment was special last night with Lorna Luft singing. She is the daughter of Judy Garland and the half-sister of Liza Minelli. She has a strong voice that is similar to her mother & sister. It was a great show - she is a strong performer/entertainer. Jill and I think this may be one of the strongest shows we've seen on a cruise ship.

Lazy day at sea today. Saw dozens of humpback whales from the ship. Had a good meal at the separate Italian restaurant - Canolletto's. Played trivia - won some, lost some.

I've been eating quite a bit. So, maybe I've put on some weight. Will see when we get home. Relaxing and naps most afternoons. Sometimes Jill goes to the casinos. She's up so far.

Tomorrow, we dock in Anchorage. We will be there for a long day. Don't have an excursion and don't know if we'll get off the ship. Depends on whether Jill wants to shop. I guess we'll decide after breakfast in our cabin.

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