Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pretty good news

Today, I got a head MRI and saw Dr Henderson. Because of my recent issues with my eyes, he wanted the MRI and wanted to see me.

The MRI results were great. Of the 13 brain lesions, all are stable or smaller. No new legions. The three largest lesion are all significantly smaller than the last MRI several months ago. The largest lesion shrunk by 20%!!

Dr H does not think my eye issues are caused by the brain lesions. It is, however, possible that radiation treatments might be involved. He recommended to wait for the feedback from the opthalmologist that I am seeing next week. Dr H thinks I may be developing cataracts - which is one known side-effect of full brain radiation treatments.

He also thinks something else might be involved to cause the weeping/tearing of both eyes. He doesn't seem to think that the vision issues and the tearing are caused by the same thing. But, he doesn't think it has anything to do with the brain lesions. He says he would rather defer to the opthalmologist.

The fluid is still in my ears - quite a bit. Dr H says that, since this hasn't, cleared up by now, I need to get tubes. He will recommend an ENT at IU to put in the tubes.

So...pretty darn good day.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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Abandoning Eden said...

hmm...when my grandmother was going through chemo she had this thing where her eyes were always tearing up so she was always carrying tissues around with her. Not sure if it was related to her treatment though.