Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hurray now a mutation is a good thing. I qualify for the new drug through the NIH trials. IU's internal review board is reviewing my acceptance next.

That means that Dr Einhorn will do a new CT with contrast to have new benchmarks for measurement - probably late Dec or early Jan. Should start the new drug in Jan or Feb. This is a fabulous thing because the drug is so highly targeted to a very small group - only 4% of the male, non-smokers have the blood marker that qualifies for the drug. I will be on the drug - not a test placebo. Only 40 men have used the drug so far - some for a couple years with success. Dr Einhorn says they have had very good success with this type of highly targeted chemo.

So, I finish the Alimta - one more infusion Dec 2. In the middle of an infusion today. My lung Xrays are stable - same as 6 weeks ago. Bloodwork is fine.

I am off oxygen and I am feeling pretty good. Still some irritation from fluid in my ears. Will probably need tubes.

And, my eyes are still weeping. Jill thinks I'm just impatient and expect the ointment to work too fast. We'll see. Dr Einhorn says to give it another couple weeks.

Dr Einhorn now says that he is OK with where my weight seems to have stabilized. As long as my energy level is OK, he thinks my current weight is probably healthy.

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