Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outdoor chores done

Wore myself out a bit yesterday doing outdoor chores - stuff that needed to be done bofore winter. PJ (teenager next door) came over to help with a few things. We moved the snowblower to the garage and tried to get it started - no luck yet. But, we'll get it and PJ will use it to do both our driveway and his own. At least the chores are done and we have time to get it started before snow.  Slept pretty late today and, then, we got milk/groceries before the Colts game.

I have been feeling about the best that I have in quite a while. Pretty decent energy level. Good appetite - I finished Jill's PF Changs meal yesterday. I do still have fluid in my ears and may end up getting tubes to drain the ears.

My eyes are about stable - crustiness is gone but they are still pretty weepy and my vision is blurred and significantly effected. Jill talked to her sister today - Joy has worked for an opthomalogist/eye MD for many years. She is going to try to get me an appointment with the doc when for when we are there for Thanksgiving. Apparently, the ointment I have been using includes steroids and I probably shouldn't still be using it after two weeks - especially if it isn't helping. Dr Henderson had told me that my radiation treatments could cause cataracts - so, I'll have that looked at.

So...we will have a couple weeks before all the holiday stuff starts. We'll head to Joliet for Thanksgiving and the Quad Cities for my Dad's 80th birthday party. Then, the kids will be coming here for Xmas.

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