Monday, November 23, 2009


I better write a blog before Thanksgiving since I may not get to write while we are in Joliet. My eyes continue to water/tear and I am anxious to see what the opthalmologist says while we are in Joliet. And, my ears are still filled with fluid. I see the ENT on Tuesday, Dec 1. I called today to confirm my appt and learned that, apparently, the Dr plans to insert the tubes that same day. Hopefully, that will help by draining the fluid. Next, on Wednesday, Dec 2, I have my last Alimta infusion.

We leave for Joliet tomorrow and will be there until Saturday. Both Brett/Arielle and Julie will be coming for Thanksgiving. Brett and Arielle are flying in from Philly Wednesday night and going back on Saturday morning. Julie is coming from St Louis on Thursday morning and, I think, driving back on Friday. Joy and Mark's house will be very full for Thanksgiving. It will be good to see most of Jill's family this week. Should be a very nice Thanksgiving.

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