Friday, November 13, 2009

More review

I got an email yesterday from my radiation oncologist. With the continuation of my eyes watering and some blurred/double vision, he has decided to do a new MRI and discuss treatment options for the brain metasteses. So...I will get the MRI next Thursday and see Dr Henderson afterward.

I have been a little bit of a pain because I am not willing to just wait for more symptoms related to the brain. I would rather be more aggressive in a treatment approach. We'll see what Dr Henderson says next week.

Ongoing I still have one more Alimta infusion on Dec 2. I see the opthalmologist in Joliet. And I have to get through a pretty busy next few weeks with the holidays, Dad's birthday party and the kids visiting.

Then, they start getting ready to put me on the NIH experimental drug.

Oh boy!

Take care and be well. - JimA

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Edwin said...

Jim, I have been reading your blog for a while. Although I don't know you as a person, I've been following your blog because it's very touching and I see a lot of courage and positiveness in yourself both as a patient, as a husband and as a man!

I lost my uncle to lung cancer (also NSCLC) a couple of weeks ago; that's why I have some knowledge about this cancer. Regarding your eyes, have you been prescribed cisplatin? There were reports that cisplatin + alimta may cause eye problems. If not due to cisplatin, most likely it's due to some nerve problems relating to the brain. I am sure if you continue to be positive it helps a lot. Here I would send my best wishes to you and your family. Remember there are plenty of patients with this sickness for 10 or 15 years who are still enjoying their life! Take care and all the best!