Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cruise Reflections

6/10 disembark in Amsterdam. 

We left the Azamara Journey this morning about 8:00. Very easy. One of our smoothest disembarkations. In about 30 minutes, we were off, got our luggage, a porter to help immediately, driver waiting, loaded the SUV, 15 minutes to hotel, checked in. 

We are quite early and our room is not ready yet. Waiting in a comfortable conservatory - windows all around, ceiling is windows, lots of plants, soft music, river outside.  Brought a nice tea service. 

Really good to relax for a few minutes. 

Reflecting on the past week+, this has been a wonderful trip. Meeting good friends in London. Good food. Afternoon tea. Interesting tourist activities. Great time. 

South Hamptom boarding was a breeze. Onboard was highlighted by fun activities, outstanding entertainment, very nice opportunities for tea/latte. We ate very well. 

Our first suite had issues. But, we were very happy with the relocation to a different suite. Staff for the suite was excellent. In-suite breakfast each morning. Afternoon tea in cabin or on the Mosaic Cafe. 

Listened often to a piano lounge singer in the Mosaic Lounge. Good place to relax, listen to music, have tea and chat with other passengers. 

Most lunches & dinners were at Windows Cafe. Smallish buffet with stir fry,  pizza, salads, sandwiches, ethnic themed meals - German, Thai, Italian, Asian  and always wide selection of desserts. 

We only ate in the main dining once and a specialty restaurant once. 

A couple special events - High Tea for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and an officers BBQ. 

I could write a long entry about entertainment, games, shows, guest entertainers and the ship's singing/dancing troupe. We really had lots of fun. 

I think that we will definitely watch for future trips on Azamara. Good ship size for us. Packed with the types of activities and entertainment that we prefer. 

Take care and be well. 

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